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A set of three re-inforced silicon boost hoses for the Mitsubishi Colt CZT. Please note that with modifications these can also be fitted to the SMART Brabus ForFour.(Petrol engine only) Modifications required on a SMART Brabus ForFour.

These three hoses replace the intercooler outlet hose, the inlet manifold inlet hose and the dump valve hose. 

  • The Forge silicone hoses in this kit have been designed to include an expensive inner liner of modified silicone known as Fluorosilicone.
  • This means the hoses are suitable to be used with  either modern long-life coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants (O.A.T.) or air containing oil mist.
  • The construction of the hoses has been engineered to exceed that of the OEM fitments, and will enhance any engine bay both technically and aesthetically
  • The use of a Fluorosilicone liner ensures that Forge silicone hoses are the clear market leader.


Zu diesem Artikel existieren noch keine Bewertungen

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